Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy a license for a ManiacTools program?

For all programs included into the "Media Pack" package, there are two options available: unlimited subscription and 1-year subscription. After buying a subscription, you can use the program of your choice without any limitations. Additionally, you get full access to all other programs of the package and can use them without any limitations, too.

Licenses for programs that are not included into the "Media Pack" package can be purchased separately.

What is the difference between 1-year subscription and unlimited subscription?

With both subscription types, you get full access to all programs of the package. The only difference between the two types is their validity period. With 1-year subscription, you can use the software for 1 year since the purchase date, including all upgrades throughout this period. After 1 year, your license expires. If you start a program from the package after the expiration date, the program will start as the free trial version.

With unlimited subscription, your license never expires, and you get all upgrades ever released for the software.

I formatted my computer and re-installed the system. How do I get my ManiacTools programs back?

You can simply download the free trial versions of the programs from our site and unlock them using your registration data. If you do not have your registration data anymore, please fill out the lost key form on our site to retrieve the data.

I bought a new computer. Can I transfer my subscription to the new computer?

ManiacTools software is licensed on a per-computer basis. If you used your subscription on one computer, it cannot be transferred to another computer. You need to purchase additional 1-year or unlimited subscription for each additional computer.

What limitations are there in the free trial versions of the programs?

All limitations of the trial versions are listed in the registration reminder window shown right after you start the corresponding program. We would like to emphasize that there are no limitations other than those listed as such in this window. All limitations are removed after you unlock the programs with your registration data.


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