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Movienizer is a powerful movie catalog program that can be used to organize movie collection, to learn more about movies and actors etc. Enter the title (barcode) of a movie, and the program will automatically download necessary information: cast and crew, genre, year of publishing, covers, shots from the movie etc. If you need more information about some person (director, writer, actor/actress), just hit "Download" and Movienizer will provide the complete filmography, biography and other details. The program features a number of printer-friendly reports, and with its report builder you can create your own ones. Create your wish lists. Apply various filter and create lists with the powerful search engine. Import your movie catalogs from other programs easily with plugins.

Movienizer is the best way to organize a collection of movies.

Price: Free

System Requirements: Windows 2000/XP/Vista operating system.

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Movienizer start page
As you start Movienizer, it shows some basic information about your movie collection.

Movienizer movie page
Detailed information is shown on the movie page. Genres, cast and crew, shots.

Movienizer person's page
Collect information about persons, too. Biography, filmography, other details.

Movienizer movie reports
Printer-friendly reports together with the report builder will help printing or exporting info.

Movienizer video player
Movienizer can play videos with its built-in or with your system's default player.

Movienizer settings
Here you can adjust behavior of the program, choose from the available options.

Movienizer edit information about movie
It is possible to customize contents of your database, add or remove information.

Movienizer online search results
Movienizer downloads information from various online databases. Select your movie.


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